About Us

We are building a universal, secure and scalable mobility account for connected people and cars. It is interoperable across all transport modes, regional borders, competing transport providers and existing smart ticketing systems. This will give rise to an Internet of Mobility (IoM).

Encompassing both public transport and automotive, our mobility account has applications for the connected car market– including cybersecurity, smart parking and insurance.

Using IoT and Blockchain technologies, our mission is to solve the problem of creating trustworthy multi-lateral commercial agreements between transport providers. This enables the growth of Mobility as a Service – a market valued at circa $1 trillion by 2030.

We can reduce the costs for real-time settlement of high volumes of low-value transactions, provide seamless customer experiences and enable ancillary sales within the transportation retail market.

Clients and third-party applications benefit from low transaction costs, smart contracts, simple cashless implementations and real-time settlement.

As an industry advocate for the Internet of Mobility, TSio Protocol is supporting the vision of the TravelSpirit Foundation and is an active member of the travelspirit.io open-source community resource of infrastructure, networks and code.

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