TSio Protocol enabled Applications

TSio Protocol enables third party mobile apps, facial recognition systems and wearables to contain travel tokens that can be used to access TSio compliant transport services.

It is compatible with any advancements in seamless customer interface technologies, such as use artificial intelligence enabled facial recognition and ultrasonic sound waves on mobile devices.

Using new smart contract and escrow capabilities, TSio can enable the development of new travel insurance products and manage compensation and dispute arbitration mechanisms.

Digital asset exchange functionality makes it simple for customers and transport operators to openly sell and resell travel products and services, including opening up the peer2peer and crowdfunding markets.

TSio Enabled Services

TSio mobility account holders gain access to and benefit from a wider market of products and services, such as baggage fees, on-board services, merchandise, seat reservations, off-board entertainment and service experience premiums.

Consumers using multiple bike sharing schemes in the same city can expect, with TSio Protocol in place, to have interoperability between them. This will create network efficiencies for bike share operators and reduce street clutter for cities.

TSio Protocol enables car owners and car club members to integrate costs of car travel with a broader mobility account and peer2peer parking. TSio APIs enable seamless interface with car navigation and infotainment systems.

By providing an interoperable solution for electric car charging infrastructure, TSio Protocol opens up an exciting market opportunity for systems integration with new electric vehicle fleets.

Working with IATA’s NDC protocols, TSio protocol enables interoperability of airline industry products and services with ground transportation services.



TSIO Enabled Products

Manage multiple transport operator sub-contracts with secure escrow mechanisms. Use Blockchain to manage multi-party customer complaint resolutions processes.

TSio Tokens are very difficult to fraud. Cyber-security risks are managed by TSio Protocol, providing transport operators a guaranteed cashless revenue solution.

By RESTful API interfaces to third party journey planning and booking API’s, TSio Protocol provides Mobility Service Providers and Transport Authorities the capability to provide Mobility as a Service products to consumers.