At the heart of the TSio Protocol, is a novel crypto token, the Tsio, that at any point in time is tethered to an account, a geographic location and holding device.

This interaction between the digital and physical domain provides a helpful mathematical constraint for the intended use case of paying for movement of people and goods.

It enables high volumes of low value transactions and fast validation processes for speedy through-put.

TSio Protocol’s Blockchain network is able to remain highly decentralised and secure, via the ability to run “nodes” on connected cars and smartphones.

Context-aware utility on security and operational performance is achieved through a unique combination of Proof of Stake, Proof of Elapsed Time and Proof of Location algorithms.

Please visit TravelSpirit Foundation for our published Whitepaper – “TSio Protocol: The Internet of Mobility”. Or download it here.

We will publish a portfolio of documentation upon launch of our planned public crowd-sale, including a further technical details and the mechanism of the crowd-sale itself.

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